7 Super Food Reasons to Get Rid of Tummy Fat and Skyrocket Your Health!

Struggling to eat enough foods to give you the necessary nutrition?

If you need more convincing – why not just eat more of these stuff which are full of the nutritional benefits.

Best yet, if you have it as part of your 6 meals a day plan, it can control your cravings … and get rid of unwanted tummy fat!

Here’s 7 ‘power food’ ways to get rid of tummy and Turbo-charge your health today -

1) Pumpkin Seeds

-A great healthy snack food.

-Low in calories, high in fiber and rich in protein.

-Due to the high fiber content, it is difficult for the body to digest pumpkin seeds, meaning that more calories are burned during the process.

2) Red Tomatoes

-Contains licopene, a powerful antioxidant (including processed tomato products), which helps to lower the risk of cancer and heart disease

-A six year study conducted by Harvard Medical School of more than 46 fruits and vegetables revealed that tomatoes by far reduces the risk of prostrate cancer

3) Eat Plenty of Oranges and Lemon

-High in Vitamin C

-Fights against cholesterol

-Helps to reduce weight!

-It is a great anti-inflammatory, cholesterol-lowering juicy fruit

-Every orange you eat, you’ll get 10 per cent of the recommended daily allowance of fiber

-Oranges gives a healthy dose of pectin – helps flush out toxins in the body that beer, coffee and cigarettes leave behind

-Ais the body to absorb of iron from lamb, swordfish and other grilled flesh

4) Cheese

-Helps to build muscle and strengthens bones.

-Although high in kilojoules, it is rich in calcium that helps to protect the colon from cancer causing chemicals.

-Calcium from dairy foods encourages the fat cells to give up their fat which helps you get rid of tummy fat

-Prevents tooth decay, the phosphorus and calcium act to replace minerals in tooth enamel

5) Broccoli

-King of cruciferous vegetables

-Loaded with Vitamin C

-High in Potassium

-Plays a role in inhibiting bladder cancer

-Studies show that men who consumed 2 or more half cup servings of broccoli a week has a 44 per cent lower risk of bladder cancer compared to men who ate less than one serving each week.

6) Almond Nuts

-Loaded with Calcium

-High in protein, gram for gram, than eggs

-Instead of eating junk food, eat a handful of these healthy nuts as snacks

-Alternatively, add them for flavoring and goodness to meat, fish or vegetarian meals.

7) Chestnut

-Very low in fat

-Contains energy boosting B vitamins and Vitamin C

-Like Almond nuts, it is great for snacks, and easy way to add them for flavoring to your main meals!

So start eating these power foods now to change your life and ‘power up’ your health.

And best yet — by eating more of these healthy foods with your meals, and substituting it as snacks — you will have less cravings, meaning a better chance to get rid of tummy fat!

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