Bald is the loss of hair in men and women.

Symptoms: Hair falling out, principally when it is washed. This phenomenon also occurs most frequently with middle- aged and older men.

Causes: The most frequent causes are : accumulation of oil or seborrhea on the scalp and the blocking of pores where the follicles are located. improper hair care increases the problem. Another cause can be a lack of adequate vitamins and proteins needed for hair growth.

Also, hair loss can be more prevalent when the person is under excessive stress, suffers from anorexia nervosa, or dyes his/her hair.

The nutrients that your hair requires to grow well and shine are:
Calcium Pantothenate, Pantothenic Acid or Vitamin B-5: These elements helps the hair follicles assimilate copper.
Copper: lack of copper produces brittle,dry and unmanageable hair.
Inositol and Choline: These help in hair growth according to nutritionist Adele Davis.
Vitamin B-12: Helps in hair growth
PABA: Para – Amino Benzoic Acid helps to maintain color and the softness of the hair.
Iodine: Prevents hair loss.
Iron&Manganese: Help proper nutrition and hair growth through good blood circulation.
Niacin:[VitaminB3]: Nicotinic acid helps the blood circulate.
Zinc: Necessary for hair growth.

Also required:
Proteins and Amino Acids:
The skin is made up of 98% protein. However, if the vitamins and minerals mentioned are not present, the body cannot assimilate proteins.

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