Air Pollution

Every individual inhales about 38,000gallons of air everyday. We know that the air is highly polluted allover the world. This is the reason that in the developed countries ‘Oxygen Bars’ are being opened for providing clean air.

The air pollution increases the oxidation at cellular level, besides causing congestion in the respiratory system and lungs. We aware that the air pollution was very high in Delhi ( capital of India ) a few years back. As a result the fuel of the entire public transport system was changed to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). The situation of the air pollution was so grave, that even the Honorable Supreme Court of India (the Highest Judicial Body in the country) had to step in, in order to speed up the CNG implementation program. As a result the air pollution has considerably reduced, but this has led to increase in the temperature.

This is primarily because the flash point or ignition point of CNG is much higher than Diesel & petrol. Every engine running on CNG is required to maintain a higher temperature. The impact of rise in temperature is quite evident in Delhi. If timely action is not initiated , the temperature of Delhi will become unbearable. Therefore, it is high time we stop interfering with nature and start living with it.

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