Rainbow Fruit Cup

Mango – 1 big size
Apple – 2
Chikku – 3big size
Lemon juice – 1/2 tsp
Eatable colour green – 1/4 tsp
Strawberry crush – 2 tbsp
Fresh cream – 50 gm
Icing sugar – 1 tbsp
Mix fruit essence – 2 to 3 drops
For decoration
Cherry , strawberry or kiwi

Peel off the mango, apple and chikku, and cut in to pieces in separate plates. Now put the mango pieces in a blender and make a pulp, like this make the pulp of all the remaining fruits.

Now add 2 tsp fresh cream in all this pulp. And in the pulp of apple add lemon juice and eatable green colour. Now place all the pulp in freezer and cool the remaining cream and add icing sugar and essence in the cream and blend it till it becomes thick.

Now take a long cocktail glass and first add chikku pulp and then add apple pulp and spread it slowly with the help of spoon. Add the mango pulp in the top and add a thin layer of strawberry crush and fill the glass with cream on top of that.

Decorate the border of the glass with slice of strawberry or kiwi and add cherry in the centre and your delicious rainbow fruit cup is ready to serve enjoy it!

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