Bird’s Nest


  • potatoes- 1kg
  • green peas- 1/2kg
  • roasted vermicelli- 100gms
  • onion- 3to4 pcs
  • green chilly – 6to8 pcs
  • ginger – a small pc
  • dhania powder – 2 tsp
  • coriander& mint leaves- 1/2 bunch each ( finely chopped )
  • chili powder -3tsp
  • garam masala – 2tsp
  • salt as per taste

Method for preparation:
Pressure cook potatoes without water, chop onion, green chili and ginger finely, wash coriander and mint leaves and chop finely and keep aside, half boil the green peas with salt. Fry vermicelli in a little oil till light brown. Heat oil in a pan and fry onion till tender.add chopped green chili, gingerand smashed potatoes and mix well.add salt, dhania powder, chili powder, coriander and mint. Coll for some time and shape with potatoes into oval shape and scoop out the center, fill the center with the green peas . Cover the peas with the potatoes mixture and blend well. Cout within thin maida batter. roll in fried vermicelli twis and fry. After frying cutout the center to show the peas. Arrange on lectuse leaves and serve hot with tomato sauce and green chutney .
Ready to serve enjoy the taste

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