Wheat is sweet and cooling and pacifies vata pitta doshas. It strengthens all seven dhatus i.e. body tissues. Roasted wheat flour is especially effective for strengthening the bones and joints. Jaggery adds to the above qualities of wheat. The ghee provides lubrication in the body and nourishes all dhatus. Nutmeg pacifies kapha, hence this dish is well balanced for all constitutions. Sukadi is quick and easy to prepare. It is very nourishing and light to digest. so, it is recommended for all, especially for growing kids, and you can have it in all seasons.

Preparation and cooking time (approximately 45 min)

Wheat flour – 200 gms
Jaggery – 200 gms crushed well or grated
Ghee – 200 gms
Nutmeg powder – 1 gms
Acacia gum powder -10 gms

Heat the ghee in a thick bottomed pan or pot, add wheat flour and roast, stirring continouosly. Take care not to burn the flour, till it gives a nice aroma. Add the gum powder and stir. When all the gum is puffed ( about 2 min ), add net meg powder and remove the pot from the gas. Add the grated jaggery and mix well. Pour the mixture on to a greased plate or tray and spread evenly. Cut into pieces of about 2.5 x2.5 cm size. After the sukadi has cooled down completely take out the sukadi and store in a air tight container.

Cooking tips:
Almonds, cashew nuts and pistachio pieces can be added according to the taste.
It is good to use ghee prepared according to the traditional method.

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