Yoga and Ayurveda

Yoga has been the backbone behind the good health of mankind, since the vedic period. It was proved beyond doubt that the ‘Yogic Aasanas/kriyas’ had the capability of providing relief to mankind in various ailments. Yoga became less popular because of its ineffectiveness against infectious diseases and perennial loss of nutritional value of the food. In addition, the stringent rules & regulations and the changing social environment added fuel in ill popularizing yoga in the previous centuries. However, yoga again started regaining its popularity as an alternate system for relief in the diseases prevalent today. It is mainly because the yogic gurus have simplified yoga in a manner that it can be performed by any one, anywhere and anytime.

In Yogic Aasanas/ Kriyas the main thrust is on diversion of additional energy to the ailing part of the body ( pranayama). The generation of extra energy enhances free radicals inside the cells. The free radicals are the root cause of chronic Degenerative Diseases (CDD). Therefore, initially yoga may appear to provide relief in some chronic degenerate diseases but for permanent relief it has to be supported with anti- oxidants and additional quality nutrition. This is clearly evident from the fact that some yogic Gurus have already started providing certain herbal formulations based on Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is the oldest and the only medicine system which evolved from nature. But the main problem with Ayurvedic formulations today is that, most of its ingredients are produced by farmers. The farmers like everyone else desire to earn money for a better living. Thus, they tend to use excessive fertilizers, chemicals and pesticides, which are extremely harmful for the human body. This is the main reason that the Ayurvedic formulations today are unable to provide relief in the incurable life style diseases and hence loosing popularity. Thus, the practice of combining Yoga with Ayurvedic formulations by some of the Yogic Gurus may not be able to come to the rescue of mankind in the incurable lie style diseases.

Above all, the ‘yoga’ being practiced today, evolved at a time, when nature and mankind were closest to each other. Today the situation is poles apart. In those days, everything is absolutely fresh and pure without any pollution, whereas everything is highly polluted and impure today. Thus, in order to keep ‘ yoga’ as an alternate system for relief in incurable diseases the ‘ Yogic Gurus’ will have to evolve new ‘ Yogic Asanas/ Kriyas’ which are capable of eliminating excessive free radicals from the human body or recommend utilization of organic ant_oxidants.

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