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Wheat is sweet and cooling and pacifies vata pitta doshas. It strengthens all seven dhatus i.e. body tissues. Roasted wheat flour is especially effective for strengthening the bones and joints. Jaggery adds

Rainbow Fruit Cup

Ingredients: Mango – 1 big size Apple – 2 Chikku – 3big size Lemon juice – 1/2 tsp Eatable colour green – 1/4 tsp Strawberry crush – 2 tbsp Fresh cream –

Aam Ka Panna

Ingredients: Raw mangoes – 2kg Water – 4litres Sugar – 250gms Black salt – 50gms Roasted cumin seeds – 10gms Method: Peel mangoes and dice them. Put sugar, water and the mangoes

Milk Shake

Ingredients: Milk with out boil – 1cup Fresh cream – 2tbsp Sugar – 2 tbsp Ice – as per needs Pulp – 1/2 cup of your choice (chikku, mango, custard apple,etc.) Method:

Mint Masti

Ingredients: Mint leaves (pudina) – 10 to 12leaves Sugar – 2tsp Lemon juice- 1tsp Ginger juice – 1/2 tsp Pinch of salt Pinch of white pepper powder Limca (cold drink) – 1

Cocktail Punch

Ingredients: Chilled pineapple juice-1/4 cup Chilled orange juice -1/4 cup Chilled mango juice -1/4 cup Strawberry crush – 2tbsp Vanilla ice-cream – 1/4 cup Soda water – 1/4 cup Method: Mix strawberry

Soda Fountain

Ingredients: vanilla ice-cream – 1 scoop rose syrup – 2tbsp soda water – 1 bottle Method: Take one big tall glass, add vanilla ice-cream and rose syrup in that glass and mix

Fruit Fizz

Ingredients: 500ml cold tea 4 oranges 1 pineapple 4limes 75 g sugar 1 bottle of ginger ale. Method: Make light tea with sugar. Strain and cool. Add in all the juices and

Dums of Heaven

Ingredients: 4 boiled potatoes-smash 1tsp red chilly powder 1 tbsp corn flour 1 tsp c.c.c salt for taste pinch of tandoori red colour 1/2 aginomo 1potato raw long strip oil for deep

Tomato Chutney

Podcast Ingredients: 1 kg tomatoes 200 g sugar 150 ml vinegar 5-6 cloves garlic 1 tsp chilli powder a pinch of ground black pepper 200 g raisins. Method: Remove the tomato juice