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Facial Skin Care

A smooth, glowing facial skin is one of the first things one notices about a well groomed person. Unfortunately few of us are blessed with such a good skin type. Most of

How To Make Sunhalwa (sweet)

Ingredients: 11/2 litre milk 11/2 spoon wheat floor 11/2 teaspoon Gundar ( Eatable Gum) 2 tablespoon curd 2 tablespoon Ghee 2 Cup Sugar Pista for decoration Preparation Method: First Boil the milk

Gray Hair

Gray hair grows in many people once they reach a certain age. It can however make you look older than you really are. Interesting note: Hair can tell us a lot about

Bird’s Nest

Ingredients: potatoes- 1kg green peas- 1/2kg roasted vermicelli- 100gms onion- 3to4 pcs green chilly – 6to8 pcs ginger – a small pc dhania powder – 2 tsp coriander& mint leaves- 1/2 bunch