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Cocktail Punch

Ingredients: Chilled pineapple juice-1/4 cup Chilled orange juice -1/4 cup Chilled mango juice -1/4 cup Strawberry crush – 2tbsp Vanilla ice-cream – 1/4 cup Soda water – 1/4 cup Method: Mix strawberry

Soda Fountain

Ingredients: vanilla ice-cream – 1 scoop rose syrup – 2tbsp soda water – 1 bottle Method: Take one big tall glass, add vanilla ice-cream and rose syrup in that glass and mix

Hypotension (Low blood pressure)

The most common symptoms area: - fatigue - Lack of appetite - Sensitivity to heart or cold - Quick pulse - Little sexual activity - A great desire to sleep In any


Bald is the loss of hair in men and women. Symptoms: Hair falling out, principally when it is washed. This phenomenon also occurs most frequently with middle- aged and older men. Causes:

Stomach Gas

Symptoms: Numbness, stomach and abdomen discomfort, the need to expel gas. Causes: Stomach gas is mainly formed because of air swallowed when eating, by bacteria which cause the putrefaction of foods not

High Fever

A fever is the increase of temperature in the body above what is normal; normal temperature varies in each individual from 97 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the part of the body. When

Flu & Cold

The flu is a disorder caused by a virus. This virus is most frequently found in the respiratory ducts, even though it may also be located in other parts of the body,


Diarrhea is characterized by an increase in the number of bowel movements ( going to bathroom ) that contain an increase of liquid. Diarrhea is a way in which the organism rids